Fire, Security & Access



Whether you’re a commercial or a domestic customer, WBES are also able to provide fire, security and access solutions.

You may be looking for a new fire detection system for a large premises, or a CCTV solution for your home. Whatever the circumstances, and no matter how big the project is, WBES are able to offer expertise and experience with our range of services in these areas.

Fire and Security

Compliance is one thing, peace of mind is another. At WBES, we know that fire safety and site security mean so much more than the pieces of paper that the risk assessments are written on. An effective fire detection system can save money and heartache in damage limitation, but more importantly, it can also mean the difference between life and death.

We offer bespoke solutions for all our customers with their fire and security needs.


Quality CCTV is well worth having, whether it’s to protect your business or to safeguard your home. Our knowledge and experience in this field means that we are able to provide cost effective solutions for our customers, that don’t give anything up in terms of quality recording, quality equipment and quality service.


Door Access

Access is a bug bear for safety inspectors and fire safety assessors, and for good reason. We believe that clear and consistent access arrangements are a must for any business premises, and we can help our customers with any needs they may have in this department.

Data Cabling

More so than ever before, data is a priceless commodity, but the hardware that comes with this requirement is often clunky and can even get in the way around the home or the office. Our skill and attention to detail means that we are able to lay data cables in a way that means they are both out of the way, and accessible.